Day 14, part 2

Didn’t think that I would be posting again so soon. But I was greeted by post when I got back to my house after lunchtime today. Now normally post is just bills, bank statements, and various magazines to which I subscribe. But… In the last two days, I’ve received some books from friends from all around the country. The Way of the Cross for those who have AIDS and have HIV. Delia Smith’s One is Fun The Penguin book of Metaphysical Poetry To the friends who have sent these… Thank you very much. It is great to have your support. Continue reading Day 14, part 2

Day 14

Well yesterday was busy so there was no post. Hope this did not worry anyone. I had lost of things to do, from meeting friends to going to a meeting in the evening. At least I’m keeping busy. Though the shock is still there at being diagnosed HIV+. While friends have been great at supporting me – it’s begining to sink in quite what has happened. Food The first recipe was used successfully yesterday for breakfast, and today I hope to make something else for tea. Jelly bean test Jelly beans have run out. But I’ve been remembering the times. … Continue reading Day 14