Day 14

Well yesterday was busy so there was no post. Hope this did not worry anyone. I had lost of things to do, from meeting friends to going to a meeting in the evening. At least I’m keeping busy. Though the shock is still there at being diagnosed HIV+. While friends have been great at supporting me – it’s begining to sink in quite what has happened. Food The first recipe was used successfully yesterday for breakfast, and today I hope to make something else for tea. Jelly bean test Jelly beans have run out. But I’ve been remembering the times. … Continue reading Day 14

Day 12, part 2

Food Shopping trip went very well. A mate went with me to keep me along the straight and narrow. Managed to buy quite a lot. Certainly everything required for the two recipes sent in, as well as more besides. It will be interesting to see how I get on using such exotic foodstuffs such as salmon, chesnut mushrooms, cream,  pesto, and tomato purée…  Tomorrow will see me cooking a meal for myself. One that is made from fresh ingredients. The outcome will be interesting. Continue reading Day 12, part 2

Day 12

Been in the house until now, and just about to head out and meet up with some friends again. Have got on with some work from home but still finding it difficult to concentrate. Food Following yesterday’s post, I have received a couple of recipes from a friend. The first one is going to be on trial tomorrow lunchtime, and I am heading out today to buy the ingredients for it and the second. So on the shopping list today: pasta, olive oil, garlic, one courgette, tomato purée, small onion, dried chillies, and a tin of tomatoes. Updates later in … Continue reading Day 12

Day 11

Quiet day. Been up to a mate’s for Sunday lunch. The support of my mates is very good and I am very grateful for it. Food It is becoming clear to me that I need to find out more about cooking for one. Perhaps there are some courses around for those who are not good at cooking. It’s not that I dislike food. Far from it. I am just bad at making it for myself. Jelly Bean test The continued Jelly Bean test is working thus far. This is where I eat a jelly bean at 10 am and 10 … Continue reading Day 11

Day 10

A good day today. Busy but good. Stayed over at a mate’s last night, and there was lots of hug therapy. Finally I got a night’s sleep. Hurrah! Today was busy rushing about doing things for other people, and then i had a touch of enjoyment for about an hour between four and five pm. Now back at home and all alone again. Hate this. And taking the antibiotics. Still got to work out when I’ll take the five all at one go set. Maybe Sunday mornings will be a good time. Continue reading Day 10