Quiet day. Been up to a mate’s for Sunday lunch. The support of my mates is very good and I am very grateful for it.

It is becoming clear to me that I need to find out more about cooking for one. Perhaps there are some courses around for those who are not good at cooking. It’s not that I dislike food. Far from it. I am just bad at making it for myself.

Jelly Bean test
The continued Jelly Bean test is working thus far. This is where I eat a jelly bean at 10 am and 10 pm to simulate the taking of one of the drugs which I am likely to be prescribed in the next week. Haven’t missed once yet – and this is without an actual alarm. Whether this is replicated when I am on actual drugs is another matter. I hope to continue to take a jelly bean at the same time.

Realised today that I took a dose of my antibiotics yesterday that I should not have. Doesn’t seem to have done me any harm, but will discuss with doctor when at the clinic next week.