Been in the house until now, and just about to head out and meet up with some friends again. Have got on with some work from home but still finding it difficult to concentrate.

Following yesterday’s post, I have received a couple of recipes from a friend. The first one is going to be on trial tomorrow lunchtime, and I am heading out today to buy the ingredients for it and the second.

So on the shopping list today: pasta, olive oil, garlic, one courgette, tomato purée, small onion, dried chillies, and a tin of tomatoes. Updates later in the week as to how I get on.

Jelly Bean Test
Continued testing with the Jelly Beans proves successful. Though rather too successful. Supplies of jelly beans have run out. Fortunately, I don’t think it is possible to overdose on jelly beans.

Another day for the three times a week Septrin® tablets.
And starting the once a week, five-at-a-time Zithromax tablets.

The annoying thing with the Zithromax™ is that it comes in packs of four. And I have to take five!

Think I’m going to also go to a pharmacist’s and see if I can find a nice pill box to keep all these various tablets in.