Today I was back to work for the first time since I started the meds. It was an interesting experience, I felt different, but as those around me didn’t know about the diagnosis they treated me no differently. However, it was noticed that I was more tired than normal, and that it was taking me longer to do routine tasks. I suppose that this is to be expected.

The drugs continue to have the effect of making me more tired than I normally would be. This is particularly in the afternoon after I have taken my Truvada® tablet. Unfortunately, the sleepiness does not extend to when I actually want it—late at night after the p.m. dose of Kaletra® I wish then I could actually sleep.

I’m rediscovering many delights that I had been missing for some years. For instance the joys of fresh fruit. I think that I have eaten more fruit in the few days that I have in a similar period for many years.