October 19

This morning I went to see my GP. I had made an appointment last week to see him as I had run out of my antidepressants. I’ve now got another supply for 28 days. When I told him of my continuing pains in my knees, elbows, and other joints he prescribed an anti-inflammatory gel. So that’s two prescriptions. 20mg Citalopram & Ibuprofen gel 5%. Into the HIV Support Centre for some advice and an aromatherapy massage later on in the afternoon. Tomorrow has me up to the HIV clinic once more. Will try and update from in there on what … Continue reading October 19

October 8 – St Thérèse of Lisieux

St Thérèse of Lisieux Today the Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux sometimes known as “The Little Flower” are being venerated in the Oratory Church of St Aloysius Gonzaga in the University City of Oxford. To those who of my friends who are in Oxford, I ask that they pray for me, and ask St Thérèse to pray for me to have the courage to face the difficulties that my diagnosis have placed upon me. To quote one priest friend I asked to pray for me while she is in the Oratory… You will indeed be given the courage and … Continue reading October 8 – St Thérèse of Lisieux

October 6

Okay, it’s been quite some time since last I posted on here. But I’ve been busy. So bear with me. Drugs There have been changes to my combination once more. The latest version is now 1 x 200mg Truvada and 2 x 200mg Viramune each day as well. So far there appear to be no significant changes to the side effects by which I have been affected. I’m back in work today and was in yesterday, but I am still very slow on my feet. Continue reading October 6