Updates from the Clinic

Yesterday I made my monthly visit up to the HIV clinic.


The results from the blood taken at the previous appointment were:
CD4 count 150 – 10%
Viral Load 9,600

Both of these have gone in the wrong direction. But this is not surprising given that I had not been taking my medication in the month prior to that.

Some progress though. I now know what the various tests that are done each month are:

  1. Blood is taken to test
    • kidneys
    • liver
    • bone profile – salts, phosphates, calcium
    • total blood picture – hæmoglobin, platelets, white cells
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Weight

Small success in pharmacy

A small success was acheived in the pharmacy. Since I got my meds, the pharmacy has been only putting my initials on the label. After I got into minor trouble with the constabulary for having prescribed medicines without it having my name on, I requested that the pharmacy put my name on. I was told it couldn’t be done as it wasn’t in line with what the clinic had agreed. I told the pharmacist that I wouldn’t leave until my name was on them.

Funnily enough, faced with such direct action – somehow this request was facilitated.

It’s a small thing in the general run of things, but simply having my name on the bottles containing my meds gives me a little bit more ownership of my medication. Knowing that it is my medicine, I hope will make it slightly easier for me to take.

Complete medicine list…

The complete daily medication list is as follows:

  1. HIV
    • Truvada® – emtricitabine / tenofovir disoproxil, 1 x 200/245mg tablet per day
    • Viramune® – nevirapine, 2 x 200mg tablets per day
    • Imodium® – loperamide – 2 x 2mg at onset of diarrhœa, 1 after each loose motion, no more than 8 in 24 hours
  2. Depression
  3. Joints

Influenza Vaccinations</h3
Yesterday I also got the winter influenza vaccination from the clinic, and so will not need to get it from my family doctor.
I’ve been told by my consultant that the family doctors will get the swine flu vaccination first so I should get that from my family doctor.