Disappointment from GHA today

Today, was my second appointment with my new GP here in Gibraltar. I woke up looking forward to it. I was due to get the results of the blood tests done by the Infection Control nurse about a month ago. My last results were back in March in Belfast and were quite good. I went … Continue reading Disappointment from GHA today

Do we get to get your autograph now…?

It has been a goal for many months, indeed it has been a goal since I was diagnosed back in March 2009. Suffice to say the goal posts have moved now... but what happened in the Royal yesterday? Up at the HIV Clinic in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast it was great to see new … Continue reading Do we get to get your autograph now…?

February 24

Well it is nearly eleven months since I found out that I was living with HIV. Yesterday, I was up at the HIV clinic once more. Results CD4= 160%, 8% Viral Load = 60,000 On diagnosis, my CD4 count was 100, but my Viral Load was 29,000. Meds With the news that my viral load … Continue reading February 24

October 21

Updates from the Clinic Yesterday I made my monthly visit up to the HIV clinic. Results The results from the blood taken at the previous appointment were: CD4 count 150 - 10% Viral Load 9,600 Both of these have gone in the wrong direction. But this is not surprising given that I had not been … Continue reading October 21