Today, was my second appointment with my new GP here in Gibraltar. I woke up looking forward to it. I was due to get the results of the blood tests done by the Infection Control nurse about a month ago. My last results were back in March in Belfast and were quite good. I went to the GP hoping to hear good news about my current state of health. I was to be disappointed.

where are the results?

Although all the routine tests came back fine, the GP could not find the results from the tests for the CD4 and Viral Load counts. Why this was, he and I both wondered. He lifted the telephone and rang the lab.

A telephone exchange was had between GP and the Lab. The gist of it was that the tests had not been requested. Yet the GP, me, and the nurse who took the bloods knew that they had been. So, what to do?

On Thursday (after the celebrations for National Day) I have to go to Infection Control in St Bernard’s Hospital to have the tests redone. And then, hopefully, the lab will actually do the necessary tests. And then perhaps I will get the referral to the consultant that hadn’t come either.

One thing I can say is that I am confident that the results will be good as I am feeling much better than I have for many years. It must be the good Gibraltarian weather.