February 24

Well it is nearly eleven months since I found out that I was living with HIV. Yesterday, I was up at the HIV clinic once more. Results CD4= 160%, 8% Viral Load = 60,000 On diagnosis, my CD4 count was 100, but my Viral Load was 29,000. Meds With the news that my viral load was more than double what it was when I was diaganosed – I rethought the issue of medication and was prescribed the same combination as the last lot I tried. That is, Viramune and Truvada. I took them last thing at night last night and … Continue reading February 24

November 19

Meds issues – a follow up I’ve taken the pills again today. With my lunch. I’m going to try and keep to this régime this time, and have set up alerts on my phone, and my watch and all sorts to remind me. I just hope that the side effects do not restart. Comment on November 17 post In response to comment on November 17 post… I am trying to learn to take the meds – but I really do feel much better when I am not on them. I appreciate that there are many people throughout the world that … Continue reading November 19

October 6

Okay, it’s been quite some time since last I posted on here. But I’ve been busy. So bear with me. Drugs There have been changes to my combination once more. The latest version is now 1 x 200mg Truvada and 2 x 200mg Viramune each day as well. So far there appear to be no significant changes to the side effects by which I have been affected. I’m back in work today and was in yesterday, but I am still very slow on my feet. Continue reading October 6