Meds issues – a follow up

I’ve taken the pills again today. With my lunch.

I’m going to try and keep to this régime this time, and have set up alerts on my phone, and my watch and all sorts to remind me. I just hope that the side effects do not restart.

Comment on November 17 post

In response to comment on November 17 post…

I am trying to learn to take the meds – but I really do feel much better when I am not on them. I appreciate that there are many people throughout the world that would love to be on the meds but I am not one of them.

I suspect that at the heart of all of this is an attempt at denial of having the virus: an attempt to make it all go away by ignoring it. Obvioiusly, deep down I know that this is not sensible, but just right now, I am finding it difficult to deal with it. Thank you for your comments anyway, they have prompted me into taking the meds again today.