December 31 – Final Day of 2009

A year ends… It is the last day of the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine, the year that will go down in my life as being the year in which I was diagnosed HIV positive. The year that everything changed. Whether the change is for the worse or better is still to be worked out in my life. …and more drugs From Sunday night I have been suffering from pains in my chest and continued joint pain together with a headache. I’ve hardly been able to eat anything. And some nights I’ve been shivering. Eventually, like usual, … Continue reading December 31 – Final Day of 2009

December 25 – Christmas Day

It is just after midnight, I am not out at Midnight Mass, but I am watching it on BBC1 from the Metropolitan and Cathedral Church of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster. The Mass is being celebrated  by The Most Reverend Vincent, His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster. The music is uplifting, I just wish that I were singing the introits and the chants as I have done in the past. I hope that this year, I shall renew my faith in the child that came down from heaven, born of Our Blessed Lady, in that stable in the City of … Continue reading December 25 – Christmas Day

December 24 – Christmas Eve

Well, it indeed has been a long time since last I posted here. This is not because nothing was happening, but more I was trying to work out what to say. So here is a go, Results The results from the last time I was up at the clinic (well the time before last week) are as follows: CD4 = 140. Viral Load = 220. Meds Following much thought, and in conjunction with the consultant at the hospital – I have decided to come off the meds for the moment. I have not been regular in taking them and in … Continue reading December 24 – Christmas Eve

December 2

The Day after World Aids Day 2009

December 1st has come and gone again for the next year and still people don’t even know what the red ribbon is.

I was talking to a friend last night, he told me of his being the only person, at a meeting of over 20 attendees last night, who actually was wearing a red ribbon. He said that this was really because there was no where to buy a red ribbon. Continue reading “December 2”