A year ends…

It is the last day of the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine, the year that will go down in my life as being the year in which I was diagnosed HIV positive. The year that everything changed. Whether the change is for the worse or better is still to be worked out in my life.

…and more drugs

From Sunday night I have been suffering from pains in my chest and continued joint pain together with a headache. I’ve hardly been able to eat anything. And some nights I’ve been shivering. Eventually, like usual, I contacted my General Medical Practitioner.

I had to go and see him this morning. When leaving, I have now got more drugs to take. Although I’m not on the HIV Antiretrovirals, mainly because of lack of motivation and lack of adherence in taking them, I have now got even more pills to take.

The new drugs from the GP today are:

And I’ve to go back and see the GP on Wednesday – two hours after an appointment in the same health centre to get the second of the Swine Flu vaccination injections! Maybe I should go for a swim in the swimming pool that is also on the premises. First swim for years!

Looking forward to 2010

I’m not sure that “looking forward” is the best term for the New Year, but I am working on the basis that most people will be looking forward to a new year. In the last few days, I suspect mainly because of the pains caused by the reflux that is now being treated by the above drugs, I have been extremely low. However, 2010 is a new year, there is plenty in this year that I would like to forget or to try and learn to deal with in a better way.