It is just after midnight, I am not out at Midnight Mass, but I am watching it on BBC1 from the Metropolitan and Cathedral Church of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster. The Mass is being celebrated  by The Most Reverend Vincent, His Grace the Archbishop of Westminster.

The music is uplifting, I just wish that I were singing the introits and the chants as I have done in the past.

I hope that this year, I shall renew my faith in the child that came down from heaven, born of Our Blessed Lady, in that stable in the City of Bethlehem.

“The child that is at the heart of this celebration, who will disclose the truth, not only of truth but of our own humanity.”

“This child is both truly God and truly man.”

The Most Reverend Vincent, His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Westminster,
Sermon at Midnight Mass, 2009.