December 24 – Christmas Eve

Well, it indeed has been a long time since last I posted here. This is not because nothing was happening, but more I was trying to work out what to say. So here is a go,


The results from the last time I was up at the clinic (well the time before last week) are as follows:

CD4 = 140.

Viral Load = 220.


Following much thought, and in conjunction with the consultant at the hospital – I have decided to come off the meds for the moment. I have not been regular in taking them and in the words of my consultant “it is better to be not taking them than taking them irregularly”. The reason for this statement is that if you take them irregularly the virus can become resistant to the drugs and this could then limit choices of drugs in the future.

So, I am now back on the Septrin and another antibiotic for the foreseeable future.


As I am no longer taking meds, there is no hope for me to get out of the vampires wanting bloods at the hospital – okay so it is actually useful for the medics to know what is going on with my counts – but it still feels like all they want is my blood. Good job someone does as the Blood Transfusion Service certainly wouldn’t – even though they are still writing to me to ask me to donate!

Christmas 2009

It is the day before Christmas and I spent last night with my best friend and her four year old. It was great! This evening, I am going out for a meal together with some old school friends to continue our tradition that we started several years ago.

I hope and pray that everyone reading this blog will have a peaceful and blessed time this Christmastide.

One thought on “December 24 – Christmas Eve

  1. Just so you know, there are others of us who have stopped taking the ARVs and doing well. Of course, good health requires addressing many parts of our lives: nutrition, stress and lifestyle choices (such as illicit drugs, smoking, etc.)

    Here’s some information about the LOTTI study, in which most of the patients who quit their ARVs were able to remain off them indefinitely.

    Also check out Living without HIV drugs.

    Come visit us rethinkers and questioners. Visit some of the links on my blog. Research, investigate and keep an open mind. Maybe you are one of us and just don’t know it yet.

    Best wishes and happy new year!

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