The Day after World Aids Day 2009

December 1st has come and gone again for the next year and still people don’t even know what the red ribbon is.

I was talking to a friend last night, he told me of his being the only person, at a meeting of over 20 attendees last night, who actually was wearing a red ribbon. He said that this was really because there was no where to buy a red ribbon. Of course, the red ribbon is not the symbol of one unified charity – and therefore having charity boxes around with ribbons to be sold is more difficult than for other charities like the Poppy Appeal of the Royal British Legion.

I pointed out that at least by wearing it himself he had been asked by others and had to explain. Perhaps this was better than everyone wearing one and no one really caring.

But today at a meeting I was at – there were about thirty people there – there were two of us wearing red ribbons. We didn’t get asked about it – but I don’t think we needed to.

Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook went Red for the day. Whilst this helps to educate once a year and make people think about HIV, others of us have to remember about HIV every day – and that is why my red ribbon is going to stay on for more than just yesterday.