November 17

Meds problems again

It’s been quite a while since last I posted on here, and the usual problems are recurring. I’m still terrible at taking my meds.

I am going to consult with the local clinic and see what we can do. I’m sure the medical and pharmacy staff will be annoyed at my lack of adherence, but at the moment there is little that I can see I can do to help this.

Meeting new friends

Last night (Monday) I was out in my local hostelry and bumped into two friends – one old, and one newly made last night. The former I have known for many years and we had a brief chat as he was only in for one pint after a deep cleaning session in his house. The latter was a friend made last night. Apparently I was the

best looking lad in the bar.

Obviously I would point out that there were very few people in the bar last night. But apparently this was the case when he saw me on Sunday night as well… Phone numbers have been exchanged, as have text messages today and we will see what happens.

St Gregory the Wonderworker, pray for us.

2 thoughts on “November 17

  1. Um ……
    you could always take you medication and be grown up enough to be responsible for setting reminders on phone or watch and just taking a few pills.

    It’s not rocket science it’s not difficult, there are plenty of people in various countries around the world would be very grateful for the opportunity to take the expensive drugs you are given free and cant be bothered to take but some how feel there is “little ” you can do about it

    Take your medication or don’t, either way its your choice, your fault, your decision and no one else’s so quit moaning already

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