I got out of hospital on Monday evening, and needed a dressing changed yesterday – but this was not managed because the district nursing service didn’t turn up. I was privately swearing about them, but today I find that it is not their fault.

Despite being told that the ward in the Royal Victoria Hospital had asked for District Nursing to come out and see me, no one turned up. This morning when a very pleasant district nurse arrived on the doorstep, she told me what had happened…

Apparently Grove Medical Practice had requested a visit daily from today 22 September.

This would seem to be in order until you realise that I am not registered with Grove Medical Practice, but a sister practice in the same building.

I had noticed that my notes in the RVH had the wrong medical practice on – and had corrected the nurse twice in the hearing of at least two friends. So why has this still gone wrong?

I will now be requesting sight of my hospital notes, to ensure that they are accurate.

And heading over to my own practice’s treatment room for dressing change as this was arranged after the failure of district nursing to arrive yesterday.