Ten years on – thanks to the nurses, doctors, and friends

It’s been ten years of finding ways to raise awareness of HIV and people living with HIV. Here’s to the next ten years.

Response to my letter to Minister on HIV and Poverty.

In February, I wrote to the Minister of Health, Social Services, and Public Safety, Edwin Poots MLA, about the issues raised in the Terrence Higgins Trust Report on HIV and Poverty. This morning I go the below as the response from the Health Improvement Policy Branch on the Minister’s behalf.

Do we get to get your autograph now…?

It has been a goal for many months, indeed it has been a goal since I was diagnosed back in March 2009. Suffice to say the goal posts have moved now… but what happened in the Royal yesterday? Up at the HIV Clinic in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast it was great to see new […]

And I nearly forgot my meds…

Having said on UTV last week about how good I have been about taking my meds, it was rather unfortunate that today I nearly forgot about them. Fortunately, of course, I had my rather wonderful husband Andrew on hand to ensure that I didn’t forget. He’s so good that my consultant at the Royal Victoria […]

More results: more good news

The school children who sat public exams back in May and June only had to wait until August to get their results. Me? I had to wait a little longer for the results from my blood tests at the Royal Victoria Hospital. So how did I do? Well I am pleased to say that the […]

An end to the wait for me – but when will appointments catch up on the new Trust name?

Yesterday I got a letter in the post regarding an appointment in the Neurology Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Hopefully this appointment will be when we will find out the results of the MRI and EEG that I had a few weeks ago. The letter itself, however, causes me to have some concern. It […]

It wasn’t so scary after all…

Wednesday afternoon saw me up at the Royal Victoria Hospital once more. This time I wasn’t in my usual haunts of Level 3 in the old building. It was Level 3 in the new building. For those of you who don’t know the RVH, it’s a sprawling building which has been extended and rebuilt on […]

The long wait is over… at least we didn’t have to go private

It seems such a long time since I was at the Royal Victoria Hospital with the nice student Ryan for my ECG. Today’s post brought two separate letters from two different departments of the RVH giving me appointments for an MRI scan to my head, and an EEG. What seems rather strange to me is […]

failure to keep accurate notes is a risk to my health

I got out of hospital on Monday evening, and needed a dressing changed yesterday – but this was not managed because the district nursing service didn’t turn up. I was privately swearing about them, but today I find that it is not their fault. Despite being told that the ward in the Royal Victoria Hospital […]