Wednesday afternoon saw me up at the Royal Victoria Hospital once more. This time I wasn’t in my usual haunts of Level 3 in the old building. It was Level 3 in the new building. For those of you who don’t know the RVH, it’s a sprawling building which has been extended and rebuilt on a number of occasions. The latest rebuild has many levels none of which line up with their counterparts in the previous build. This causes much fun.

Anyway, Andrew and I made our way up to the MRI department and I had an MRI scan. Even though I had been scared half to death (minor exaggeration there) by my Cambridge Physics Graduate Husband last week, I did somewhat enjoy the scan. It was rather noisy, but I had the Kings of Leon to listen to. It was the only choice that I heard of amongst the music.

Next test is on 18 July – EEG.