240 hours community service for HIV cure fraudster

I am very pleased that someone trying to make a quick buck out of vulnerable people who are living with HIV and who are looking for a quick cure has been convicted in the Courts and will now have to pay for his crimes. Today in the first ever prosecution of its kind for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe was sentenced to 240 hours community service and ordered to pay over £947.36 costs for selling ineffective medical devices over the internet that he claimed cured and killed HIV/AIDS. Admare Jinga (aged 31) … Continue reading 240 hours community service for HIV cure fraudster

And he’s home

This morning Andrew was let out of hospital, and with the help of a friend, Pam, we were able to get him home easily enough. Many thanks to the staff at the Ulster Hospital, especially the student nurse, Aoife, who seemed to take great care of him when he was in Ward 10. Last night was an awful one for me. I slept really, really badly. I kept waking up, realising Andrew wasn’t in bed, and starting to have a panic attack. At one point I thought that I was going to have to call the out-of-hours GP service as … Continue reading And he’s home

Do we get to get your autograph now…?

It has been a goal for many months, indeed it has been a goal since I was diagnosed back in March 2009. Suffice to say the goal posts have moved now… but what happened in the Royal yesterday? Up at the HIV Clinic in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast it was great to see new faces,  a few old ones and ones that have been there most days that I have been up. New social worker With Corinne having retired in June, there was a new social worker who has been in post for some months, he was very pleased … Continue reading Do we get to get your autograph now…?

And I nearly forgot my meds…

Having said on UTV last week about how good I have been about taking my meds, it was rather unfortunate that today I nearly forgot about them. Fortunately, of course, I had my rather wonderful husband Andrew on hand to ensure that I didn’t forget. He’s so good that my consultant at the Royal Victoria Hospital has commented in the past that she would like to prescribe an Andrew for all her patients. Well a big thank you to him and next week I should be able to report to my consultant that I’ve only missed one dose in months… … Continue reading And I nearly forgot my meds…

New Standards of Care for People Living with HIV must apply in Northern Ireland as much as England

With the news that the British HIV Association has published its new Standards of Care for People Living with HIV 2013, which set out to secure high quality care for people with HIV in the UK, at a time when patient numbers are rising and the NHS changes the way HIV treatment and prevention services will be commissioned and provided. I am hoping that this will assist all interested in our care here in Northern Ireland to work for improvement of the service. I notice that The Rainbow Project – I hope that it is TRP in Northern Ireland – replied to the consultation … Continue reading New Standards of Care for People Living with HIV must apply in Northern Ireland as much as England

An end to the wait for me – but when will appointments catch up on the new Trust name?

Yesterday I got a letter in the post regarding an appointment in the Neurology Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Hopefully this appointment will be when we will find out the results of the MRI and EEG that I had a few weeks ago. The letter itself, however, causes me to have some concern. It is clear that the letter template has not been updated since the changes to Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. The letter states, An appointment has been made for you to attend the Royal Group of Hospitals Trust: NEUROLOGY CLINIC AT LEVEL 6B, OUTPATIENTS … Continue reading An end to the wait for me – but when will appointments catch up on the new Trust name?

It wasn’t so scary after all…

Wednesday afternoon saw me up at the Royal Victoria Hospital once more. This time I wasn’t in my usual haunts of Level 3 in the old building. It was Level 3 in the new building. For those of you who don’t know the RVH, it’s a sprawling building which has been extended and rebuilt on a number of occasions. The latest rebuild has many levels none of which line up with their counterparts in the previous build. This causes much fun. Anyway, Andrew and I made our way up to the MRI department and I had an MRI scan. Even … Continue reading It wasn’t so scary after all…

Progress Report: Eviplera – tiredness

Well, we’re nearly at the end of the first bottle of Eviplera. And what a month is has been. I think that I can safely say that as far as I am concerned the transfer from the old regimen to the current one has been a success. On Wednesday coming, I am up to the HIV Clinic at the RVH for my first check up since changing meds. Andrew says that I am looking much better since the change. Certainly, even I notice that I am not quite as tinged with yellow as I had become used to being. Let’s … Continue reading Progress Report: Eviplera – tiredness