Progress Report: Eviplera – tiredness

Well, we’re nearly at the end of the first bottle of Eviplera. And what a month is has been. I think that I can safely say that as far as I am concerned the transfer from the old regimen to the current one has been a success. On Wednesday coming, I am up to the HIV Clinic at the RVH for my first check up since changing meds.

Andrew says that I am looking much better since the change. Certainly, even I notice that I am not quite as tinged with yellow as I had become used to being. Let’s hope that the Viral Load and CD4 cell counts continue to move in the right directions.

The only problem that there is, is that I seem to be very tired all the time. Hopefully though, my body will become used to the Eviplera and allow me to stop being tired quite so much.

My appointment on Wednesday should have been on Thursday, but the doctors are all on strike that day. So on Wednesday we have to make sure that I am up, washed, dressed, and out of the house in time to be at the Royal for 9am. Wish us luck!

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