The long wait is over… at least we didn’t have to go private

It seems such a long time since I was at the Royal Victoria Hospital with the nice student Ryan for my ECG. Today’s post brought two separate letters from two different departments of the RVH giving me appointments for an MRI scan to my head, and an EEG. What seems rather strange to me is that despite coming from the same hospital in the same Health & Social Care Trust they look and read completely different. Neither has my address correctly, but they made it here. But at least I have finally got my appointments. Andrew had been suggesting that … Continue reading The long wait is over… at least we didn’t have to go private

Support: given and received. Volunteering rewards us all.

After waking up with a sore head this morning, I have had quite a busy day. Two appointments which were linked to HIV and one that was to do with church and proofreading. News from the clinic There is not much news from the HIV Clinic this morning. I’ve come away with two months’ worth of Eviplera and a bottle of Gaviscon (to assist with the heartburn) and the vampires were back in force. Having not had any blood tests taken last month as I was changing my meds we have had the usual ones done today. So my left … Continue reading Support: given and received. Volunteering rewards us all.

A sore head

This morning I was woken up by Andrew much earlier than is normal for me. My head is sore. Perhaps it is a migraine coming on. After all, last night I didn’t take my anti-migraine medication. In about half an hour I have to leave the flat to make it to the Royal Victoria Hospital for my nine o’clock appointment at the HIV clinic. It’s been moved forward from the planned date of tomorrow as the doctors are on then on strike. I’m sure that Andrew will have made a list of things I need to tell my consultant. He’s … Continue reading A sore head

Justin kept me entertained when I managed to be awake

Today has been a day in which not a lot has been achieved by me. I’ve had a day in bed. Now, Justin has been lying beside me most of the day so that has meant that I have been entertained from time to time when I woke up. But most of the time, I was asleep. I was meant to go to the award ceremony for the PSNI’s Hate Crime poster competition at the Titanic Complex in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter this morning. I didn’t make it. I was woken up by Andrew as he went out to work, but … Continue reading Justin kept me entertained when I managed to be awake

Just another fall…

I had another fall this evening. I was coming downstairs to get my dinner that Andrew had made for me, but when I got to the bottom something happened. I don’t remember falling, but I do remember coming round lying on the ground in the hall. Fortunately, I don’t seem to have damaged myself. And throughout the day I have been having lapses. So tomorrow Andrew is going to ring the GP’s and see if we can get any closer to having the EEG and related tests from neurology. I will be sure to mention this again on Wednesday morning (9am) … Continue reading Just another fall…

Progress Report: Eviplera – tiredness

Well, we’re nearly at the end of the first bottle of Eviplera. And what a month is has been. I think that I can safely say that as far as I am concerned the transfer from the old regimen to the current one has been a success. On Wednesday coming, I am up to the HIV Clinic at the RVH for my first check up since changing meds. Andrew says that I am looking much better since the change. Certainly, even I notice that I am not quite as tinged with yellow as I had become used to being. Let’s … Continue reading Progress Report: Eviplera – tiredness

Progress Report: Eviplera

Well, it is just over a week since I started taking my new prescription. The new drug is Eviplera and it is a single tablet once a day. This is wonderful as taking three sets of meds around with you if travelling is a pain. It’s been a bit of a culture shock though. The old meds were taken last thing at night, every night. The new ones are to be taken with a meal. Getting out of the rhythm of taking the meds as I head to bed is proving quite difficult. We’ll see how it goes in the … Continue reading Progress Report: Eviplera