After waking up with a sore head this morning, I have had quite a busy day. Two appointments which were linked to HIV and one that was to do with church and proofreading.

News from the clinic

There is not much news from the HIV Clinic this morning. I’ve come away with two months’ worth of Eviplera and a bottle of Gaviscon (to assist with the heartburn) and the vampires were back in force. Having not had any blood tests taken last month as I was changing my meds we have had the usual ones done today. So my left arm has a nice plaster on and I met a new member of staff there today. It’s always good to see new faces. I’ve not to go back until September 11th. The pharmacy didn’t have enough Eviplera to give me all of my prescription. But it’s okay, they will post it out to me when they do.

News from The HIV Support Centre

I’ve recently signed up again as a volunteer with Northern Ireland’s only HIV-specific charity – The HIV Support Centre. Having voiunteered there in the past as a member of the Board of Trustees it is great to be back as a volunteer again. Watch out for more on here!

I’m volunteering as I want to continue to give something back to the place that has helped to ensure that I am still here today. As others have said,

The HIV Support Centre really is a lifeline. I don’t know how I’d have coped without it.

If you would like to join me and others in volunteering, I know that Michelle would love to hear from you. Contact her via their website. There are many opportunities and anyone is welcome to apply to become a volunteer.