Last night, I was really worried. I had been out shopping with Andy and our friend John, during the afternoon. We had been to Tesco, followed by Ikea. By the end of it, I could hardly walk, and I was very worried. I came home, and started to run a bath, and as I undressed – well you didn’t expect me to get in fully clothed now did you – I found some more abscess-like marks on my body.
One I had known about – and had yesterday not been a Public Holiday here in Northern Ireland, I’d have gone to the Gay Men’s Clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital in the evening – and so the others were not exactly a surprise. However the one that was most inflamed – had indeed burst. Really good fun – Not!
Fortunately I had enough gauze and stuff from the nurses when I was dressing the wounds after surgery. So that tidied it up for bed last night.
This morning we made an appointment for me at the Royal for 1.30pm. I went up fully expecting to be given Zyvox (Linezolid) once again, but in the end after examination by the doctor during which he took some swabs for cultivation, was prescribed Fucidin® cream.
We were told just to put it on until we knew anything further.
So hopefully it won’t be too bad this skin infection. Not like the other times in the last year.