Clinic appointment after a few months – it didn’t used to be like this…

Having been up at the RVH, Belfast on Tuesday for an ECG to try to eliminate heart problems from what is causing the fainting/fitting that has been happening in recent months…

…the result was an all clear – it is now the day of my next appointment at the HIV clinic.

It used to be that I was up at the clinic seeing my consultant at least once a month and at times it was once a week. It is testament to the good care that all around me have been giving that I am now no longer needed up there quite as often.

There is, of course, something that I am doing nnow that was never really the case in the past. I am actually taking my medication. I have had no missed doses since November. When I got home from a trip to England, I found that I had been given a silver star by my other half – quite literally! There was a helium-filled balloon in the bedroom in the shape of a star and it was silver in colour…

So, today, going up to the RVH is not quite as scary as once it was. I am making no prediction for what the numbers will be (CD4 count and VL count) but we can hope that CD4 will be above 200… I think if it is, there might have to be a party of some kind.

However, one thing will be different. My consultant is currently off on maternity leave. It will be interesting to see who I get to speak to now…

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