DrEd.com loooDrEd.com is a service where you can access healthcare outside the NHS. Normally I am not the biggest supporter of this but this weekend Dr Ed is doing something which is important. They are offering free HIV testing kits for home tests. Now, don’t be as cynical as I was to begin with. I’ve read a bit further and if there is a positive result they talk through all the ramifications of this including a second test in other ways to be completely sure. This is normal – and happens even if you were tested at your GP or at a local GUM clinic.

This weekend (Friday 30th December 9am – Sunday 2nd December), if you fear you may have been infected with HIV, you can order an easy-to-use home test kit1, free from DrEd.com as part of their support for National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day, and test yourself discreetly, without having to visit your GP or local GUM clinic.


1. Up to 100 kits available.