There’s an App for That (via

My friends over at have come up with a list of their top ten HIV Apps. I know that I use some of them on my iPhone, tell me in the comments box what you think of the ones you use, and maybe i you know of others. It seems that no matter your health condition or medical need, there truly is “an app for that.” If you’re one of the tens of millions of people around the world with HIV or AIDS, you can rest assured that the computer whizzes haven’t left you out. Check out the top … Continue reading There’s an App for That (via

Engagement and involvement: personal, political, and clinical

Positively UK co-ordinated a conference of people living with HIV ‘No Decision About Me Without Me’. This year they are convening another conference focusing on ‘Engagement and involvement: personal, political, and clinical’. The content of the conference is yet to be finalised and they would like the assistance of people living with HIV in the UK. They came up with a survey to help them plan the conference. Although the survey is now closed, I hope that many of us living with HIV in the UK will make it to their conference. Being both engaged and informed in your care, … Continue reading Engagement and involvement: personal, political, and clinical

AIDS Warning – Tasteless joke award…

aids day
aids day (Photo credit: max_thinks_sees)

This evening, after a long and tiring week I settled down to chat to a few friends on Facebook, one of the many groups that I am a member flashed up as having a new post… knowing the group to be one where some good jokes are often posted, I hurried across…


To all of you approaching 55 or have REACHED 55 and past, this E-mail is especially for you…

SENIOR CITIZENS ARE THE NATION’S LEADING CARRIERS OF AIDS! Continue reading “AIDS Warning – Tasteless joke award…”

For #WAD2012 – free #HIV testing kits from @DrEd

This weekend (Friday 30th December 9am – Sunday 2nd December), if you fear you may have been infected with HIV, you can order an easy-to-use home test kit1, free from as part of their support for National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day, and test yourself discreetly, without having to visit your GP or local GUM clinic. Continue reading For #WAD2012 – free #HIV testing kits from @DrEd

HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

Despite the large number of cases around the world many people are still unaware how how HIV spreads and its effect on those living with it. This short documentary, written, narrated, directed, and edited by James Angus, looks at how HIV is viewed today in Northern Ireland, and the services that can help those in need. James should be congratulated on his film. Its great for helping to educate people about HIV here in Northern Ireland. The film also supports the work done by The HIV Support Centre and The Rainbow Project. I hope that James did well in his … Continue reading HIV in Northern Ireland – documentary

An email that made me cry…

This evening an email arrived in my inbox. In it, I got told some news that made me cry. Well the crying started when I clicked on a link that was contained in the email. So what was this? It seems that the Editors of Healthline have made a list of their favourite HIV and STD blogs and I am somewhat shocked that this blog made the list. Their words about this blog are: For true insight into the soul of someone living with HIV, just hop onto Michael Carchrie Campbell’s blog, HIV Blogger: Living Positively. Starting after his diagnosis in … Continue reading An email that made me cry…

1 day after World AIDS Day – and the clinic winds us up

It is only the day after World AIDS Day, and I am not the only patient that has had issues with the nursing staff in the HIV clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, this afternoon. I cannot go into the specifics of the incident concerning another patient, but the problem that I had was that they didn’t read the notes that the doctor had made in my notes. results CD4 = 90 (6%). VL = 300. More Linezolid prescribed and as a result of the CD4 count being so low, I am back on my old favourite of … Continue reading 1 day after World AIDS Day – and the clinic winds us up