hiv std blogsThis evening an email arrived in my inbox. In it, I got told some news that made me cry. Well the crying started when I clicked on a link that was contained in the email. So what was this?

It seems that the Editors of Healthline have made a list of their favourite HIV and STD blogs and I am somewhat shocked that this blog made the list.

Their words about this blog are:

For true insight into the soul of someone living with HIV, just hop onto Michael Carchrie Campbell’s blog, HIV Blogger: Living Positively. Starting after his diagnosis in 2009, you can follow Michael’s journeys through the rollercoaster ride of emotions, testing and medical interactions, life experiences with his husband, and his efforts to chronicle his story on his blog.

Michael is a talented, soulful writer with plenty to say. Stop by to leave a word of encouragement or thank him for sharing his story – you will be inspired by his courage, grace, and selflessness.

Reading this made me cry. I don’t write this blog to get any awards, I write it because it helps me to cope. But this evening, the award has made my day. I suggest that you look at what other sites are there. I know that I will be.