Withington Community Hospital to the rescue

Okay, so the rescue was nearly a fortnight ago, but it is still imprinted on my memory, and I haven’t quite got round to blogging about it.

Andrew and I were off to Cornwall via a flight to Manchester (my cousin Marianne was driving down so that’s why we were in Manchester) and we got there all safely, with everything we needed — except my meds. For the first time that we have been away together, we forgot them. They were set out ready to come, but were left behind. Fortunately, I had one of my Eviplera in a pill box which is kept in my jacket in case. So Wednesday night was okay.

The next morning, I rang the HIV clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital for advice, and then Marianne drove me to Withington Community Hospital, Manchester. I explained what had happened, had to register as a patient there – that will upset the statistics a bit — and then they came to the rescue and prescribed me one month of Eviplera. Fortunately, as it is a community hospital, the pharmacy downstairs was able to dispense five of my Mirtazapine as well. So all in all it is a great big thank you to the NHS and to Withington Community Hospital in particular.

Published by Michæl McFarland Campbell

Irish, living in Co. Laois with his husband Andrew and their three cats. Also interested in first aid, heraldry, Scouting, and occasionally to be found at the organ or in a bell tower.

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