Looks like there is going to be a great exhibition in Glasgow from 14 June 2013 until 13 July.

Photographer Edo Zollo presents a photographic portrait exhibition of 30 HIV+ people.

Inspired by his own experience of taking PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) after potential exposure to the HIV virus, the intense feelings aroused and the unpleasant side effects of this medication, Edo was prompted to explore what it must be like to actually have a positive HIV diagnosis.

Determined to expose the still widely held misconceptions about the virus, and to offer affected individuals the opportunity to share their experiences, Edo travelled across the UK meeting people willing to share their stories. From the recently diagnosed of 3 months to the longest, 28 years living with HIV.

Previously exhibited in London and Manchester earlier this year this exhibition was created to also mark the 30th anniversary of the first UK diagnosis of the HIV virus.


Stand Tall Get Snapped: 30 HIV+ People is at
45 Virginia Street, G1 1TS Glasgow