Two modules done, more to come…

Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256...
Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256,136 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the time of year when most students are getting the results of their exams — not their resits or resubmissions — but for me it is the time to get the result of my resubmission of the examinable content of the first year of Law with The Open University, W100 – Rules, rights and justice: an introduction to law.

I have well and truly passed. And I am over the moon. In due course, the University should issue a Certificate in Legal Studies (Open) to me as well. It is the first step on the road to a Degree that has been coming for a very long time. It finally gives some credit to University study that I have undertaken. It’s just unfortunate that the postnominals are: Cert Legal Stud (Open)…

Further details about study with The Open University is available from its website shown below:

The Open University

Published by Michæl McFarland Campbell

Irish, living in Co. Laois with his husband Andrew and their three cats. Also interested in first aid, heraldry, Scouting, and occasionally to be found at the organ or in a bell tower.

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  1. Congratulations Michael- truly very well deserved. It’ll be no time ’til you have your degree behind you and you’ll be moving onto professional practice qualifications!

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