My hearing…

For years I have suggested to my mother that, when she complains that she cannot hear something, she should perhaps get a hearing aid. However, a friend who grew up two houses to the north of us, this evening posted on Facebook that he had just had his ears irrigated.

Before this evening, I had no idea that such a procedure could be carried out. However, where it impacts my life, is that I have noticed that I have to have the television turned up higher to hear it; and I have difficulty hearing people when speaking to me on the telephone. I think that I shall be booking an appointment with my GP to discuss my hearing.


Published by Michæl McFarland Campbell

Irish, living in Co. Laois with his husband Andrew and their three cats. Also interested in first aid, heraldry, Scouting, and occasionally to be found at the organ or in a bell tower.

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