A new documentary produced by radiobubble about the 2012 arrests called “Ruins: Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt,” is due for release this September. It features interviews by women who were arrested and their families. The film above is a trailer.

The video follows women who were arrested and force-tested for HIV under a law that has subsequently been done away with – but has been brought back very recently after a Cabinet reshuffle in Greece. The original arrests were condemned by Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, UNAIDS, and the European AIDS Treatment Group.

logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic RepublicI am shocked that having repealed the law, the Greek government has now reintroduced this. I hope that readers of this blog in the United Kingdom will write to the Greek Ambassador, Konstantinos Bikas, in London to register a protest. The address is:

HIs Excellency the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic
1 a Holland Park
W11 3TP
United Kingdom

Further contact details can be found on the Greek Embassy’s website. (mfa.gr)

Readers in other countries can find the contact details for the Greek Mission in their countries here.

Further detail about what is going on in Greece is available at: http://www.hivjustice.net/