Award-winning blogger second year running

hiv-stdLittle did I think as I wrote the short recent post “ – telling my positive life” did I think that there would be another quick post about the blog in such a short period of time. Last year was selected by the editors of Healthline as one of the ‘Best of the Web’. The testimonial said,

Michael is a talented, soulful writer with plenty to say. Stop by to leave a word of encouragement or thank him for sharing his story – you will be inspired by his courage, grace, and selflessness.—Healthline Editors

As I wrote on last year,

Reading [that I had got the award] made me cry. I don’t write this blog to get any awards, I write it because it helps me to cope. But this evening, the award has made my day. I suggest that you look at what other sites are there. I know that I will be.

Earlier this week, into my email inbox came an email from the editors of Healthline saying that HIV Blogger: living positively had made it to the 2013 Best HIV / STD blogs list. I was rather dumbstruck. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a rare occurrence. From a brief glimpse at the list of other bloggers most if not all are based in the United States. The testimonial on this year’s awards says,

[Michael] describes his life since diagnosis as “a rollercoaster ride.” His blog does justice to recording it while providing additional resources for support, and even a recipe section.—Healthline Editors

I suppose that I had better get on with the Recipe section. 

Published by Michæl McFarland Campbell

Irish, living in Co. Laois with his husband Andrew and their three cats. Also interested in first aid, heraldry, Scouting, and occasionally to be found at the organ or in a bell tower.

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