Within a month of being diagnosed as living with HIV, I was introduced to The HIV Support Centre, by a friend who was already a client. Since that time, I have come to value the assistance that the organisation, since rebranded as Positive Life, gives to many people living with HIV across Northern Ireland. Without volunteers, many aspects of the charity’s work would be difficult.

I spoke to Michelle Penney about why volunteering is so important to them, and she told me,

Volunteers are vital to the work of Positive Life; we could not operate without them, they help us deliver our services and their involvement increases our capacity to meet the needs of people living with and affected by HIV in Northern Ireland and in achieving our organisational aims:

to provide services, advice, signposting and support to people living with an affected by HIV

to prevent the increase in HIV infection through training, education and raising awareness

to campaign and lobby to affect positive change for people living with and affected by HIV

PositiveLifeNIIf you are interested in volunteering or would like further information please contact Michelle Penney by email at michelle@positivelifeni.com or telephone 028 9024 9268.