Give Poots the Boot!

There is an online petition

We call on the Northern Ireland Assembly to seek the resignation of Edwin Poots, or for his removal from his post as Health Minister and thus bring to an end his disgraceful waste of public money in pursuit of a personal agenda.

which has received over 7,500 signatures since last Monday when it was launched. As a believer in democracy, I have been urging those who have signed and everyone else to ensure that they can have a real say in who gets into the Northern Ireland Assembly at the next election… and that is by registering to vote.

The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland is conducting its General Canvass at the moment with registration day being 27 September 2013. By now, all residents of Northern Ireland should have received a registration form. If you have not, please go to the Electoral Office’s website to register there.

Speaking at the launch of the canvass Graham Shields, the Chief Electoral Officer, said;

‘Being on the Electoral Register safeguards your democratic right to vote and ensures that you have your say in elections. Even if you don’t intend to exercise your right to vote, it still remains a legal obligation to register. Registering to vote is easy and I would ask everyone to take just a few minutes to complete the registration form and return it to us by the 27 September deadline.’

I hope that everyone has filled in the form, or is going to, and get it returned by the deadline of 27 September 2013.

This was originally posted in a slightly longer version on the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association’s website.