Response to my letter to Minister on HIV and Poverty.

In February, I wrote to the Minister of Health, Social Services, and Public Safety, Edwin Poots MLA, about the issues raised in the Terrence Higgins Trust Report on HIV and Poverty. This morning I go the below as the response from the Health Improvement Policy Branch on the Minister’s behalf.

HIV and Poverty – What is being done in Northern Ireland?

This morning I received an email about HIV and Poverty from the Terrence Higgins Trust asking me to contact my local council's cabinet member to find out what is being done by the council to support people living with HIV who are in financial difficulties. However, since in Northern Ireland health, social care, and benefits … Continue reading HIV and Poverty – What is being done in Northern Ireland?

When Poots finishes paying legal costs, can we have money for HIV prevention?

With World AIDS Day approaching, Michael asks if there is money in the health department’s kitty for an HIV public information and prevention campaign. “Would that not be a better use than on legal costs?”

Make sure you’re registered to vote and be able to really “Give Poots the Boot!”

With over 7,500 signatures on the petition calling on NI Health Minister Edwin Poots to resign or be removed, it is worth reminding everyone of another way to kick him out – of the Assembly – by registering to vote and then voting for other parties than the DUP.