Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies has an embarrassing problem

I have just been watching the Channel 4 programme Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic which has Dr Christian Jessen as one of its presenters. Having been told about a new STI Risk checker which they have developed, I went and investigated it.

Having got to the end of the test, there was the opportunity to find the nearest GUM—STI clinic via an online form. Unfortunately, having typed in my postcode it didn’t find anywhere. This also happened when trying to find using “Belfast”. Then I noticed, after searching, you are told that it only covers England. There are links to sites that will assist you in both Scotland and Wales, but sadly there is nothing for Northern Ireland.

Once again, Northern Ireland is left out in the cold. I have contacted Channel 4 to ask why this has been done and whether there are any plans to include Northern Ireland. I will update this blog when I get a response.

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