All of us living with HIV have to ‘come out’ time and again, telling another person about that we are positive as and when this information is needed. Today, I had to come out again, this time to the optometrist who was carrying out my eye test.

It was a simple answer to his question about any medication I was taking. I named the drugs I was taking: Mirtazapine (for depression); Sumatriptan Succinate (for migraines as and when required); Pizotifen (to prevent migraines when they are happening regularly); and Eviplera (my anti-HIV drug). I am glad to say that there was no reaction at the mention of HIV and that is how it should be.

This afternoon, I am sitting in Positive Life’s client lounge waiting for an appointment with an adviser. I’ve just had a conversation with others here who share the view that those of us who can be open about living with HIV should be. It is heartening to me to hear this  as for a while I have felt like a lone voice somewhat in the wilderness.

None of us wants to come home and find our house daubed with graffiti or paint, but I can safely say that in all my years of being open and outspoken about living with HIV this has never happened (yet). I hope it never does.