I have been conked out due to shingles for many weeks, and it is only in the past week that I have stopped taking the anti-depressant tablets that actually helped to numb the pain. But whilst I had been stuck in the house, I started to sort out my computer and catch up on emails and so on. I attempted to sign into the website of the Royal Photographic Society, which I had joined back in March. I had not received any welcome pack, so I emailed them. It seems that there was a problem with their website and it had timed out whilst processing my application, so they have started my membership from this month and made it for a year.

The pack arrived this week and I have been enjoying reading the Journal. I have created a first Gallery on the RPS website entitled Northern Irish scenes.

I have neglected my photography since I got to Gibraltar, but I intend to start taking more photos again. There are so many features on my camera which I have yet to use — and some that I need to refresh my memory on using. So, watch this space! I suspect more galleries will follow.