Yesterday I received such a strange email from the Liberal Democrats, apparently it is now not deemed right to address members by our name. Having rejected our name and substituted “Friend”, the writer did not even extend the usual courtesies of prefixing it with “Dear”. Furthermore, I do not believe that he and I have ever met, let alone that we are friends. This is the latest in a long line of offensive emails that I have received from the party I once held dear.

As a member in Northern Ireland, we were often forgotten about, even when I rang HQ as a local party officer, I was told that Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland did not exist, that was the Alliance Party. Then we were told that we were part of Liberal Democrats Abroad (and Northern Ireland last time I checked was definitely in the United Kingdom). I am now thoroughly fed up of emails that I receive from the Liberal Democrats.

The writer of the letter (or at least the one whose name is at the bottom of it) should receive an email in response from me. Curt it most certainly was.

The last two words of the email are very simple.

I resign.

I have made many friends during my membership, and although I may not always agree with you on many things, I hope that we shall remain friends. Please do keep in touch.