Hate Speech Public Consultation – Ireland

The Department of Justice and Equality of the Government of Ireland is currently consulting on what improvements to the law on hate speech can be made. The Closing Date for consultation is 13th December 2019. If you would like further information, please visit the website below. http://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/Pages/Hate_Speech_Public_Consultation#Make_a_submission Continue reading Hate Speech Public Consultation – Ireland

36% increase in HIV diagnoses over last five years in Northern Ireland

The figures recently released by Northern Ireland’s Public Health Agency show some worrying figures. I sincerely hope that the Health Minister, Simon Hamilton MLA, and the Health Committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly take them to heart and work to … Continue reading 36% increase in HIV diagnoses over last five years in Northern Ireland

Over 400 signatories asking Nigel Farage for HIV apology.

ACT UP is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals, united in anger and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic.

Along with 375 other people and 44 organisations, I signed the letter composed by ACT UP London, an HIV activist group, which corrects inaccuracies in Nigel Farage’s claims during the televised leaders’ debate in the run up to the UK Parliamentary General Election.

During the leaders’ debate on 2 April, Mr Farage claimed: “Here’s a fact… there are 7,000 diagnoses in this country every year for people that are HIV positive… 60% of them are not British nationals.” He further stated treatment costs up to £25,000 per year per patient. Each of these claims is inaccurate, addressed by the letter with reference to the accurate statistics.

Mr Farage’s claims are wild, and scaremongering. They will divide our communities and further create stigma to people who are living with HIV. Continue reading “Over 400 signatories asking Nigel Farage for HIV apology.”

No longer a LibDem

Yesterday I received such a strange email from the Liberal Democrats, apparently it is now not deemed right to address members by our name. Having rejected our name and substituted “Friend”, the writer did not even extend the usual courtesies of prefixing it with “Dear”. Furthermore, I do not believe that he and I have ever met, let alone that we are friends. This is the latest in a long line of offensive emails that I have received from the party I once held dear. As a member in Northern Ireland, we were often forgotten about, even when I rang HQ … Continue reading No longer a LibDem