Time for Equal Marriage in Gibraltar

It is time to say Yes to Equality, to say Yes to Love, and to Say No to discrimination against people of the same sex who love each other.

Sitting in Dublin, one could be complacent about Equal Marriage given the constitutional referendum that was held in May to make the change here. However, I am not complacent. I know that in many other places it takes an act of the local legislature to make the change.

hmgog_stacked_new__listing_with_space__mediumHM Government of Gibraltar has published a command paper having

completed drafting amendments to the Marriage Act to enable the consultation process to start on the possibility of legalising civil marriage between same sex couples.

It is, of course, good that the views of the public are taken on board. However, I have been informed that in at least one church in Gibraltar this evening, the congregation was reminded that people ought to voice their opinions for or against same-sex marriage. It is alleged that letters were distributed for the congregation to sign. However, apparently only one version was made available: one that oppose the change in legislation.

Now, it is important that those who support the change do not become complacent.

Danny Feetham MP, Leader of the Opposition in the Gibraltar Parliament. 

Gibraltar may not be having a referendum but that does not mean that they have won the fight for equality. Just because HM Government is in favour, it does not mean that the proposed change in the law will happen. However, I am not suggesting that the Opposition is opposed, for the Leader of the Opposition, Danny Feetham MP, has said (on Facebook) that whilst

gay marriage is not GSD policy and our long standing policy of allowing members of parliament and party members to make their own decisions in matters of conscience continues. Nonetheless, I personally support the principle of same sex marriage and so do my parliamentary colleagues. People are entitled to know what my views are on this and, indeed, my own personal support for the principle of same sex marriage was made clear in an interview with James Neish on radio before the General Election.

He also clarified that

gay adoption has been allowed in Gibraltar by virtue of a Supreme Court decision since April 2013. Anyone concerned that same sex marriage would lead to adoption of children by gay couples, should understand that this is allowed already;

Action needed now

People linked to Gibraltar need to send in their support by emailing commandpapers@gibraltar.gov.gi.

It is time to say Yes to Equality, to say Yes to Love, and to Say No to discrimination against people of the same sex who love each other.

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