“When straight guys have a lot of sex, they’re called studs. But when gay guys have a lot of sex, they’re called sluts.”

Public Health Solutions, a human service agency based in New York City, just released a new PrEP campaign that hits all the right notes. The “I Like to Party” video showcases adult film star J.D. Phoenix in a sex-positive look at how PrEP can be talked about without shame or judgment.

Phoenix may be a controversial choice for a PrEP spokesperson, he has been spreading awareness about the HIV prevention pill by speaking at colleges and universities about his meth addiction, the adult film world, and his choice to use PrEP. All of that before the film was released.

We need to make sure those responsible for public policy around PrEP get the message that it will help to stop the transmission of HIV. It will also help us to talk about gay sex, and not keep it hidden.