I’ve been off work now for over a week. Since I started in my present employment, this is the longest that I have been off in one go. Tomorrow, I hope to see my GP to get the go ahead to head back to work. I don’t want to go in against medical advice, so will be trying to get an appointment by telephoning at 9.30 am.

I am lucky that (usually) I can get an appointment with my local GP for the same day. Sometimes, it is even within an hour. We’ll see what it is for tomorrow. If I am not in work tomorrow, hopefully it will be Friday.

The week off has given me a week to get used to using my new journal. It’s from BestSelf. Taking some time each day to plan has helped me work towards my goal. Now, I am not going to share what that particular goal is here, but those who need to know do know.