Irish Independent says “Aids virus”: what century are we living in?

This evening I was reading a copy of today’s Irish Independent as I ate my evening meal. I was somewhat taken aback to read on page nineteen: Aids virus hope A teenage girl born with the Aids virus… This is very bad reporting of an issue about someone living with HIV. I begin to wonder […]

Stitches in the other two – makes me worried

Yesterday, I was in bits all day. One of our three cats, Niamh, was at the vet’s from about nine in the morning until six in the evening. Quite simply she was having the operation that all domestic cats ought to have, she was being neutered. This was the first time that I, as a […]

The first of us to leave…

Scholastica, Niamh, and Richard are all set for the beginning of their great adventure. They are going just across the border to La Línea de la Concepción to begin their chauffeur-driven journey to Caergybi. They have no need of quarantine as they have their nice Gibraltarian EU pet passports. They are the equivalent of the […]