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Scholastica, Niamh, and Richard are all set for the beginning of their great adventure. They are going just across the border to La Línea de la Concepción to begin their chauffeur-driven journey to Caergybi. They have no need of quarantine as they have their nice Gibraltarian EU pet passports. They are the equivalent of the Red ID card! We will retrieve them from there on Tuesday. And then we all will go and welcome them to their new abode in Dublin.


Oh, did I forget to announce that?

Yes. Andrew and I have enjoyed our time in Gibraltar, but he has got a new job in the Irish capital, working with another technology company, also as a technical writer… so we are moving there effective Monday afternoon.

So, I am sure there will be a whole new set of posts about negotiating the Irish system of healthcare. I have a couple of posts to put up about Gibraltar when I leave. But in the midst of all the moving… there is simply not time.