Yesterday, I was in bits all day. One of our three cats, Niamh, was at the vet’s from about nine in the morning until six in the evening. Quite simply she was having the operation that all domestic cats ought to have, she was being neutered. This was the first time that I, as a cat owner – sorry member of cat staff – had to drop one of the furry friends off to the vet on my own. Andrew, had done this many times, but I had never done it. Until yesterday.

Off we went in a taxi called by Hailo, which is a very convenient and useful app available for hailing taxis. Niamh was in her carrier placed on the back seat of the vehicle with the door of the carrier against the door of the car so she didn’t get too frightened. We arrived at the Botanic Veterinary Hospital opposite the National Botanic Garden in Glasnevin. A lovely practice with very helpful staff, I was immediately put at my ease, and more importantly so was our little princess, Niamh. I left her in and walked back to the house. On my way I walked down the Royal Canal Way and bumped into a statue of Brendan Behan and found quite a number of what seem to be very deep locks in the canal.

On the Royal Canal Way near Drumcondra you can find Brendan Behan. Photos: MJPB Carchrie Campbell 2015
On the Royal Canal Way near Drumcondra you can find Brendan Behan. Photos: MJPB Carchrie Campbell 2015

All day I was worried about her, as were the other two feline residents: Scholastica (her mother) and Richard (her brother). All was quiet in the house. In the early evening I walked back up the Royal Canal Way and up to Glasnevin, Niamh was fine, she was awake from the anaesthetic and was a little grumpy (understandably). We used Hailo again and got back to the house just after Andrew had arrived home from work. Then came the awkward bit, we had to separate the cats as Richard started to growl at his sister. I suspect it is because she smells funny from having been at the vets’. But it really is not helpful.

This morning, Andrew has to go to get stitches removed from his head following minor surgery to remove a cyst last week. Niamh has to return to the vet on Thursday for a check up, and then a week later to have her stitches removed.

I love how there are so many places to go for a walk in and around this city, I will have to introduce Andrew to the Royal Canal Way.

Back in March 2009, on diagnosis, I never thought that I would ever have cats, and I never ever dreamed that I would have a loving husband, but I have both. And life is well worth living.