a day of firsts

I don’t think I have had a day like Friday for Firsts

  1. first-time my entire family-of-origin came to see me in Dublin;
  2. they arrived just after my first bad reaction to a drip of platelets — I came out in a rash.
  3. they went to find food when I went downstairs for my first biopsy of a kidney.
  4. which was followed by my first dialysis session of an hour
  5. followed by first two hours of plasma exchange and
  6. finally I get back up to the ward and get some food — ham salad.

looking forward to tomorrow, the biopsy results will come back from Beaumont Hospital to my consultant. The current plan is to get another, longer, session of plasma exchange on the presumption that there are kidneys to save. Should this prove not to be the case, another plan will have to be made.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.

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